Get your rosacea triggers under control with Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness, where we use cutting edge Cutera XEO technology to achieve remarkable results without resorting to surgery.

Control Rosacea Flare-ups with Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness
You don’t have to live with rosacea alone. Rosacea is a chronic and disruptive disorder primarily occurring on the face. Rosacea most often occurs around the nose, on the cheeks, and on the chin. A patient’s rosacea can flare-up or go into remission without warning, making it an uncomfortable inconvenience for anyone who has to live with skin redness.

Who Gets Rosacea?
Rosacea can certainly affect all members of the population, but individuals with fair skin have an increased rosacea risk. Those who tend to flush or blush easily are at the highest risk of suffering from rosacea. It’s important to seek help the minute you’re experiencing symptoms. If left untreated, the skin will worsen, becoming increasingly problematic. Bumps and pimples can often develop, and in severe cases the nose may swell and grow bumpy from excess tissue. This condition is called rhinophyma. Rosacea can even spread and affect the eyes, making them irritated, watery, or bloodshot.

Rosacea Symptoms
Flushing — Facial redness can come and go, but will usually be the first signs of rosacea. Those with a history of frequent blushing or flushed skin should pay close attention and schedule an appointment with Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness if skin redness persists.
Persistent Redness — Redness that resembles a sunburn or blush and remains persistent is the most common sign of rosacea.
Bumps and Pimples — Small, solid red bumps or pus-filled pimples can often develop along with rosacea. These may resemble acne, but do not have blackheads. Instead, these bumps and pimples cause a burning or stinging sensation.
Visible Blood Vessels — Small blood vessels that become visible on the skin are a sign of rosacea.

Improve Your Complexion with Cutera XEO Laser Technology
XEO is Cutera’s most versatile laser, with more configuration possibilities than any other multi-application platform on the market. We can treat a wide range of conditions efficiently, including rosacea on the face and body. There’s no downtime. You can move on with your day right after receiving treatment.

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