Botox is one of the botulinum toxins I administer to treat wrinkles of the brow, forehead and eyes (crows feet). I also utilize Xeomin and Dysport which are similar botulinum toxins. Botulinum toxin is a well-tolerated, safe procedure that will provide a refreshed look to your face. It is one of the best anti-aging treatments available.

During your appointment, I will provide education describing how Botox works and what you might expect for outcomes. I will also review risks and benefits. It is important to assess your face and administer the dose and location which is best for you. It is a very customized treatment. I include you in the process as I need to know what you desire. I ask you to return for a 2 week follow up to evaluate the treatment outcome and provide any additional units so that your look is perfect.

I offer you my expertise and my time. You will not feel rushed. My office is in a lovely area of Back Bay and it is very discreet. I am available to answer your calls. You are my focus.

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